Robin Williams’s Family Fighting Over Personal Items

Following his suicide in August of 2014, we learned that Robin Williams had crafted a rather sophisticated estate plan that protected his assets well, and left directions for how he wished his property to be distributed after his death. Unfortunately, it appears that some of the language in that estate plan was not as clear as it could have been, as the former actor's children and …  read more

Probate Terms in North Carolina

A lot of clients come to our office because they have questions or concerns about probate terms in North Carolina. Though many of the horror stories people have heard about probate are wildly overblown, there are serious issues with which you should be familiar if you're facing probate case.  There are also a lot of terms that you might encounter in the probate process with which you …  read more

Basic Estate Planning Questions 8 – What is Probate in North Carolina?

In today's blog post in our ongoing series on basic estate planning questions, we're going to look at probate in North Carolina, what it does, and why it is important. A lot of people first talk to an estate planning attorney because they are faced with a probate situation and have little to no understanding of what is required of them. This is entirely understandable. Probate is not an …  read more

Common Probate Myths, and Why They’re Wrong

While many people have heard the term “probate,” very few of them have any direct experience with the probate process. Because of this, there are a lot of myths and misperceptions surrounding probate that far too many people believe and rely upon. Probate is the legal process that applies to the property you leave behind after you die. Someone will have to become the new owner of that …  read more

Removing an Executor From the Estate in Greensboro North Carolina

In some situations it’s possible for someone to remove an executor of an estate in North Carolina. Removing an executor is difficult, and involves specific laws and procedures. Any time you believe an executor is not performing his or her duties adequately, or needs legal advice about the possibility of removing the executor from an estate, you need to speak to a North Carolina probate …  read more

Living Trusts and Pour-Over Wills in Greensboro NC

In estate planning circles, a pour-over will is a specific kind of will used primarily in conjunction with a revocable living trust. Pour-over wills are not necessarily different than other types of wills as far as the legal requirements involved. Instead, their difference comes in the terms you choose to include. Revocable living trusts and pour-over wills go hand-in-hand, and have …  read more

3 Facts You Need to Know Before You Agree to Become a Personal Representative

One of the important steps in making a last will and testament in Greensboro, North Carolina is choosing different people, such as a personal representative, to represent your estate and your interests. For example, if you are a child with young parents you will want to include a clause that selects a guardian who will care for your children should you die before they become …  read more

What You Should Know About Probate Appraisals

If you live in Greensboro, North Carolina and have recently made a will, or are in the process of doing so, you probably know that you will have to choose an executor who will manage your estate after you die. While there are several important duties that all executors must perform, one of the key duties involves taking an inventory of all the estate property and determining how much …  read more

Alternate Reproductive Therapies and Estate Planning

Reproductive therapies continues to advance quickly, and the number of people using them is increasing every year. Reproductive therapies, such as in vitro fertilization and embryo donation, result in about 250,000 births every year. If you plan on using such technology or are considering donating some of your biological material for use with these technologies, there are several estate …  read more

Dealing With the Tangible Property Left Behind by Mom and Dad

When a parent dies, one difficult problem to deal with is the mountains of tangible personal property left behind. This problem is especially difficult for children who have been named executor over their parent’s estate. The difficulties that arise with personal property are not always obvious when you first begin dealing with the issue. If you are in the position where you have to …  read more

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