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Smart Estate Planning, Medicaid and Probate Strategies

For 30 years our firm has been doing one thing and only one thing. We specialize in assisting families with protecting their loved ones and preserving their assets from the eventuality of death and the devastation caused by illness.

With the right legal advice and proper documents, families are able to control the scope of care, minimize court involvement during disability and at death and safeguard their property. Without such preparation, estates are lost to end of life illness and spend unnecessary time in court.

We pride ourselves on legally sheltering assets from being unnecessarily lost when illness strikes a family with Medicaid Planning, Irrevocable Trusts, Modified NC Powers of Attorney, Family Care Agreements, Special Deeds and Updated NC Health Directives such as the HIPAA, Declaration for Natural Death and Health Care Power of Attorney.

We also do our very best to avoid court or at least keep the court process known as Probate to a minimum when death occurs. We accomplish this by using comprehensive systems, Revocable Trusts, Enhanced Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and the other Estate Planning documents which every NC resident 18 and older needs.

Sometimes people call when a loved one is sick after they’ve already gone through all of their money. It’s too late for us to be as much help at that point. If you call us immediately when a diagnosis occurs, even if you have Long Term Care Insurance, we can do so much to protect the estate.

Other times people call us when a loved one dies, thinking that the Probate process is easy or mistakenly believe that a will avoids probate. They also comment that they thought that Probate in NC is no big deal. Unfortunately, none of these things are true. We guide our clients through the process, making the tasks and transitions smooth and mitigating the liability that the person tasked with the job of Executor often experiences.

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