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At The Law Offices of Cheryl David, we understand that your legacy matters to you and your family. While you are in charge of nurturing your intangible legacy – the love, values, and life story you will leave to your family – your estate plan is the instrument that distributes your tangible legacy. We encourage you to view an all-inclusive estate plan as your best tool for creating a legacy that lasts.

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Each individual in the United States possesses an estate, regardless of age, family assets, or socioeconomic status. In legal terms, your estate is the sum total of the assets and instructions you leave behind. Common belief holds that solely wealthy or older Americans require a solid estate plan. If, however, you have an estate (which you do) and you harbor concerns about protecting your assets or legacy, you need a personalized estate plan that works for you and your individual circumstances. Whether you are planning for a spouse, children, grandchildren, or even a pet or charity, our attorneys can help.

Choosing Between A Will & A Trust

Is Estate Planning for Me?

If you wish to keep your promises to those you love, protect your assets from tax burden, or create a medical plan that maintains your dignity, then you should consider creating an estate plan. When drafted by a qualified North Carolina attorney like one of ours, you can be confident that your family has prepared well for life’s uncertainties. You can also ensure that your loved ones’ future is protected.

The Law Offices of Cheryl David exists to serve families in Greensboro, Guilford County, and the surrounding area as you decide how you wish to be remembered. For us, shaping your estate plan involves more than drafting a simple will or trust. We aim to implement your vision in every aspect of your chosen legacy. For this reason, our attorneys will spend quality time listening to your family’s distinct situation and needs and create a comprehensive estate plan that meets both your specifications and North Carolina legal requirements.

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What Type of Estate Plan Do I Need?

The Law Offices of Cheryl David custom-tailors our estate planning process to your unique life situation. Because no two life stories are alike, no two estate plans will look exactly the same. Rather than utilizing a one-size-fits-all approach, our attorneys marshal all the legal tools at their disposal to fashion an estate plan that will most soundly guard your family, assets, dignity, and legacy.

Estate Planning During a Divorce

What Should My Estate Plan Involve?

Your estate plan should incorporate appropriate legal instruments for the utmost protection of your estate and legacy. While our attorneys will help you draft an effective estate plan, you will retain all decision-making power and autonomy when it comes to drafting your plan. The plan which you and your attorney devise may include:

  • A living will, which provides advance directives for your medical care in the case of emergency. This important estate planning tool can help shield your family from making difficult decisions during a crisis. You can utilize this tool to instruct your family and physicians what kind of extraordinary measures if any, you prefer to be used in a critical health situation.
  • A power of attorney, which empowers a family member or other responsible party to make decisions regarding your assets should you become incapacitated. You can direct your attorney to prepare a durable power of attorney if you wish to create standing instructions, or a springing power of attorney if you would rather wait to transfer authority until you can no longer manage your assets on your own.
  • A health care power of attorney, which enables the person of your choosing to make medical decisions for you in case of serious injury or illness. Appointing a trustworthy individual to assist you in this way will help protect your health wishes and your family’s well-being.
  • An asset protection plan, which directs the handling of your property according to your desires for your legacy. This estate planning tool allows you to provide for your loved ones, as well as prevent your beneficiaries from making unwise decisions with your assets.
  • A digital asset plan, which arranges for safeguarding and distribution of any virtual assets you have amassed during your life. This could include photographs, manuscripts, websites, online financial accounts, and so on.
  • A last will and testament, which states your intentions on numerous final matters, including child guardianship, asset dispensation, and more. Your last will & testament can also help your family avoid the lengthy and expensive state probate process.
  • A trust, which creates a legal entity that can hold any and all of your family’s assets, for tax benefits and inheritance purposes. Trusts may function as better vehicles for property transfer than simple directions located in your will.

Being A Trustee in North Carolina

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