Family Care Program

We are dedicated to serving families and providing you with peace of mind knowing that you and your family are taken care of now and after you are gone.

Learn more about our Family Care Program that is available for select clients for $1,000 annually. 

I. Ongoing Reasonable Access to Our Firm

Our team is available to answer your phone calls and emails with questions, concerns or requests.  We will respond to you in an expedited manner and we offer priority appointments to Family Care Program Members at no additional charge.

II. Client Educational Services

We invite you, your family members, helpers, and trusted advisors to attend our complimentary educational workshops on various estate planning topics to keep you informed on the latest news, legal updates, trends and other items we think may be of interest.

III. Communicating & Working with Other Advisors

Our Firm collaborates with your financial advisors, accountants, and insurance professionals to ensure we are all working toward the mutual goal of taking care of you and your family.  We will provide copies of your estate planning documents as needed and instructions of your wishes.

IV. Continuous Asset Integration

Our team will assist in the initial funding of your assets into your trust and prepare associated forms or documents.  We will regularly review and monitor the ownership of your assets to verify they are properly integrated into your plan.  This ensures your estate plan will work for you when it matters most.

V. Estate Planning Document Review & Updates

We believe that estate planning is a process and not a single transaction.  Just as your life changes, the law may change as well.  We will work with you to update your estate plan as needed.  Our updating program will give you peace of mind knowing that your plan stays current with the law and consistent with your intent.

VIFamily Care Meeting

The Family Care Meeting is an opportunity for all of us to sit down and explain your plan to your trusted family members and advisors who will execute your plan.  This provides you an opportunity to tell your family the how and why of your plan and to address questions and discuss any potential issues.  This also allows you to set expectations and, as a result, promote family harmony.

VIIAdditional Benefits

As a Family Care Program Member, you will receive emergency access to your healthcare directives, Notary Public services, and an invitation to our annual client appreciation event.

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