Nursing Home Protection: Crisis Planning

Nursing Home Protection

Planning in Advance & Crisis Planning

At the Law Offices of Cheryl David, we assist families with Nursing Home Asset Protection. While each family has its own unique story when it comes to protecting their loved ones from the ravages of care, during illness, we find that most of the people we help come to us when a loved one gets sick, or when they want to plan in advance, in case illness occurs. We refer to the help we offer when a loved one is already sick as  “Crisis Planning”. This type of planning is for a family member already in the nursing home or a family member who will need such help relatively soon. The other type of planning we do is planning for the possibility that care will be needed in the future. We refer to this type of planning as “Planning in Advance“.

What is Crisis Planning?

Crisis Planning: How do you know if you need an attorney’s assistance for Crisis Planning? Typically, Crisis Planning is a good option for those families that presently have a loved one already in the nursing home. These families are probably spending anywhere from $6,000-$10,000 per month on care. It’s certainly a terrifying time for families, seeing their funds being so quickly depleted. Our Elder Law Department can work with your family to access available government benefits, and protect as many assets from being lost to end of life care as possible.

We find that many families in the community don’t realize that there are options available for family members in this type of crisis situation. They don’t have to lose their home or hard-earned wealth, if they are ill. There are options available for families of all income levels, whether your family has $1 or $1 million (or more), there’s a plan that’s right for you. The biggest misconceptions we hear daily are that these planning tools are only available for people who are “broke” or that you must lose your life’s savings before nursing home benefits can be accessed. Neither of these things are true. Our job is to make sure that you know all of your options. We do not want our clients in a situation where they have to sell the family land or lose everything they worked for their entire lives. If you have a loved one in skilled care, please reach out so that we may discuss your options and formulate the best plan for your situation. We often find that the families who have the most to lose are those that did not realize Crisis Planning was an option.

What is Planning in Advance?

Planning in Advance: Planning in Advance allows families to plan ahead, so that they’re protected in the event nursing home care is necessary. While we hope that our clients don’t end up needing nursing care, the reality is that some will, and for those families that plan ahead, it’s a huge gift to their family, that they were prepared, and that everything was set up in advance. The concept of losing your savings and home if you ever need nursing care is scary. If you want to plan ahead to minimize the risk and to make things easier on your family, then we’re here to help you plan in advance. Talk to us about the planning which may be put in place to protect your family in the future.

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