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Basic Estate Planning Questions – Should I Make a Video Will?

Some people who create an estate plan in the Greensboro, North Carolina area want to know whether or not they should create a video will as a part of that plan. In this week's discussion on basic estate planning questions, we are going to look at some common questions surrounding video wills and their role in estate planning. As with any discussion on a specific estate planning topic, …  read more

Basic Estate Planning Questions – What is a Will Contest?

In this week's discussion of basic estate planning questions in North Carolina, we are going to look at the will contest. Also known as challenging a will, a will contest is something that might sound like it's more common than it is, probably because it is more often portrayed in films and fiction then it occurs in real life. A will contest can arise only in specific situations when …  read more

Learning Your Way Around Trusts – Revocable Living Trusts and Medicaid Trusts

Medicaid Trusts are typically Irrevocable Trusts. Irrevocable Trusts can’t be changed after they’re created and they’re drafted to only pay out income, not principal. People opt for a Medicaid Trust and limited access when they want to protect assets from being decimated by long-term care expenses. In contrast, the most well-known trust is a Revocable Trust. Revocable Trusts can be …  read more

Would A Special Needs Trust Benefit My Loved One?

If you serve as caretaker for a person with special needs or a disability, you recognize the feelings of deep care – and concern – that arise when planning for your loved one’s future. What will happen to them if you become unable to provide quality care for their lifetime? Or how can you accommodate their need for some independence, while continuing to assure that their future is …  read more

Do I Need a Lawyer to Create a Will?

Most people are aware of the need to have an estate plan in place. Despite this knowledge, about half of all Americans do not have one in place. If you are among them, but have recently decided it is time to do something about that, you have made a wise choice. For most people, estate planning begins with creating and executing a Last Will and Testament. If that is where you plan to …  read more

The Benefits of Trusts for Estate Planning

When most people think about estate planning they focus on creating a Last Will and Testament. While your Will can accomplish much in your estate plan, it may not be the best tool for accomplishing all of your estate planning goals and objectives. One of the most common additions to a well thought out estate plan is a trust. One reason trusts are so popular is the flexibility a trust …  read more

Aren’t DIY Wills Better than Not Having a Will?

Like most people, you likely understand the importance of having at least a basic estate plan in place. For most people, that means executing a Last Will and Testament, at a bare minimum. For a relatively small estate, a Will is capable of directing the distribution of all estate assets after your death. Thanks to the internet, it is now possible to find all types of “Do-It-Yourself” …  read more

Can a Special Needs Trust Protect My Child’s Inheritance?

As the parent of a child with special needs, you are likely aware of the heightened importance of having a well thought out estate plan in place. Every parent wants to make sure they leave something behind for their children after they are gone; however, for the parent of a child with special needs, the desire to leave behind sufficient assets to help with the child’s care and …  read more

What Is a Spendthrift Trust?

If you are like most people, the primary purpose of creating your estate plan is to ensure that your assets are passed down to children, grandchildren, and/or other loved ones to be used for their support and maintenance after you are gone. You worked hard and saved wisely throughout the course of your lifetime, however, and do not want to see those assets wasted. This can create a …  read more

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