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Alzheimer’s Disease and Avoiding Estate Litigation

A lot of families in North Carolina have either personally been affected by Alzheimer’s disease, or know a family who has. As the population gets older and more people receive Alzheimer’s disease diagnoses, the condition is affecting the lives of millions of people. Because there is no treatment or cure for Alzheimer’s disease, knowing how the disease will affect your estate, and your …  read more

3 Simple Ways to Avoid Common Estate Litigation Problems

Estate litigation is often the result of some easily avoided problems. When litigation arises, it can be costly, time-consuming, and can significantly damage family and interpersonal relationships. Avoiding litigation by creating an estate plan that looks ahead to possible conflicts is an essential part of creating a plan that will benefit you and your family. To that end, here are some …  read more

Estate Litigation and Nursing Home Abuse

One of the more common estate litigation topics people are concerned about is the possibility of nursing home abuse or neglect. Over 2 million people reside in a nursing home or assisted living facility, and thousands of cases of elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation occur every year. According to national survey figures, 44% of nursing home residents say that they have personally …  read more

When The Nursing Home is The Problem

When an elderly family member moves into a nursing home or elder care facility, you want to know that the facility is doing its best to take care of your loved one. But sometimes, things go wrong. Sometimes people act badly. Even though most nursing homes provide the adequate amount of care an elderly person needs, this is not always the case. Elderly people who are harmed while in a …  read more

Removing an Executor From the Estate in Greensboro North Carolina

In some situations it’s possible for someone to remove an executor of an estate in North Carolina. Removing an executor is difficult, and involves specific laws and procedures. Any time you believe an executor is not performing his or her duties adequately, or needs legal advice about the possibility of removing the executor from an estate, you need to speak to a North Carolina probate …  read more

What is Estate Litigation?

Estate litigation is what happens after a dispute arises over a will, trust, or other estate planning element. Disputes and disagreements can arise at almost any stage of the estate planning process, but some disagreements are more likely to lead to litigation than others. Litigation occurs when a person files a lawsuit and the dispute winds up in court. Whether you are considering …  read more

Estate Litigation in Greensboro: What Does Arbitration and Mediation Have to do With It?

Not all estate litigation in Greensboro winds up argued before jury or judge, and some conflicts end because of the mediation or arbitration process. But if members of the general public don’t have a good idea of what estate planning is or what estate litigation involves, they certainly have little understanding of the mediation and arbitration processes. To get a better idea of what …  read more

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