Estate Planning

Basic Estate Planning Questions – What is the Difference Between a Will and a Living Will?

The process of creating a comprehensive estate plan in the Greensboro, North Carolina area will most likely require you to create both a will and a living will. But why is this? Why do you need both of these documents? What does one document do that the other cannot?If you have been reading our blog for some time, you might already have an idea about why using both a will and a …  read more

Building Your Estate Plan

Building an estate plan is an important step to prepare for the future. It's a good idea to understand the different parts of estate planning, take a look at our infographic to learn more. Click on the image below to view the full infographic …  read more

What Dead Celebrities Can Teach Us About Estate Planning

Having the life of a celebrity would be great, right? If you do- learn from their mistakes and don’t leave a mess for your loved ones like they have.Dying IntestateYou'd think that the rich and famous would care about who inherits their riches when they're dead and gone. But oddly, many celebrities have died intestate, which means they never made out a will.Howard Hughes' …  read more

Top 10 Estate Planning Techniques

Over half of all Americans do not have an estate plan in place, despite understanding the importance of having one. One of the most common reasons people give for putting off the creation of an estate plan is that the entire concept of estate planning is intimidating. Basically, they are unsure where to start because they are unfamiliar with the terms, strategies, and techniques used in …  read more

Basic Questions About Estate Planning – What Should I do if I Learn That I’m Dying?

Estate planning is all about preparing for death, so it's natural for people who learn that they are dying to reach out to an estate planning attorney for help. Many such people learn that they have a terminal or incurable disease, and need to make their final arrangements quickly. While creating an estate plan under these kinds of time pressures can be done, it's always best to plan as …  read more

What Is an Advance Directive?

Most of us take for granted our ability to make decisions for ourselves. After all, over the course of a single day, you make hundreds of minor and major decisions relating to your own life if you stop and think about it. You are also accustomed to making healthcare-related decisions for yourself and you probably assume you will always be able to make those decisions. What happens, …  read more

Basic Questions About Estate Planning – I’ve Been Asked to Serve as Executor. What Should I say?

When someone asks you to serve as executor of their estate, you need to understand that the job comes with specific responsibilities and duties. While it might be an honor to be trusted enough to serve as an estate executor, administrator, or the trustee of a trust, you should only accept the position if you are prepared to carry out the job's tasks. To determine whether you should …  read more

Tax and Estate Planning for Parents with Minor Children

Creating a comprehensive and well thought out estate plan is something everyone should make a priority. If you are the parent of a minor child, however, the need to have an estate plan in place is heightened for several reasons, starting with the fact that your child is, of course, is your most valuable asset. Because your minor child cannot inherit directly from your estate, you must …  read more

5 Uncomfortable Questions Your Estate Lawyer Might Ask You

Estate planning is a highly personal, and often sensitive, endeavor. The primary goal of your estate plan, after all, is to protect you, your assets, and your loved ones. Ideally, you will form a lifelong relationship with your estate planning attorney, making it much more likely that your estate plan will succeed at its intended goals. Having an ongoing relationship with your estate …  read more

What Happens to Your Online Stuff After You Die?

Estate planning, along with almost every other aspect of life, has changed significantly as online assets and digital properties have become more ingrained with our day-to-day lives.How often do you go online every day? Do read emails on your cell phone or send text messages. Do you check on social media accounts, pay your bills, or do anything else over the Internet? How much of …  read more

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