Probate Questions

How Long Is the Probate Process?

If you recently lost a family member or close relative there is a good chance that the decedent’s assets are going through the probate process, or will be soon. If you are involved in the process, as the Executor/Personal Representative, a beneficiary/heir, or even a creditor, you may be wondering how long it will take to get through the probate process. Because each estate is as unique …  read more

Why Is Avoiding Probate Important?

Probate avoidance is a common estate planning goal, and one that you may wish to include in your estate plan. Of course, before you can decide whether or not avoiding probate should be one of your estate planning goals you need to have a thorough understanding of the probate process as well as why it is that people make such an effort to avoid it. For most estates, it is not possible to …  read more

Why You Might Need a Probate Attorney – Four Common Scenarios

Like many people, you probably have a general idea of what the legal process known as probate entails, even if you have never been directly involved in the probate of an estate. You may also be aware that some attorney focus all, or some, of their practice on issues related to probate. You may not, however, be aware of the numerous scenarios in which you might find yourself that would …  read more

Dealing With the Tangible Property Left Behind by Mom and Dad

When a parent dies, one difficult problem to deal with is the mountains of tangible personal property left behind. This problem is especially difficult for children who have been named executor over their parent’s estate. The difficulties that arise with personal property are not always obvious when you first begin dealing with the issue. If you are in the position where you have to …  read more

3 Traits to Look for in an Estate Executor

If you are writing a will in Greensboro, North Carolina, you’ll have to select someone to serve as your estate executor. Also known as personal representative, the executor is responsible for managing the probate process and ensuring your wishes are followed. Here are three traits that every good executor should have. Discipline The probate process in North Carolina can be lengthy …  read more

Who are Your Intestate Heirs?

When you don’t make a will or living trust, your estate passes to your intestate heirs upon your death. These are the people, usually close family members, whom the law identifies as entitled to inherit from you. So, do you know who your intestate heirs are? The North Carolina intestacy statutes can actually be quite complicated. If you’re married with no children when you pass away, …  read more

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