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Learn more by reading a recent post on the UNC School of Government blog or by reading the North Carolina Uniform Power of Attorney Act. In my opinion, the Power of Attorney is one of the most important documents you should have. This document allows someone named as your agent to act for you during incapacity. Since none of us know when incapacity will strike, it’s important to have …  read more

What to Know About ‘Power of Attorney’

Power of attorney: what does that mean? Generally, this gives broad powers to a person or organization, (an agent or attorney), to act on your behalf. What powers are they? Handling financial and business transactions. Buying life insurance. Settling claims. Operating business interests. Making gifts. Employing professional help. These different factors make a …  read more

Should I Sign the North Carolina Power of Attorney the Nursing Home Asked Me to Sign?

Sadly, abuse and neglect of the elderly is a widespread – and growing – problem in the United States. When most people think of “elder abuse,” however, they think of physical or even emotional abuse. The most common form of elder abuse though is actually financial abuse or victimization. For this reason, it is imperative that you be on guard, if you are an older individual, anytime …  read more

Free Report: Common Questions About North Carolina Powers of Attorney

When people create powers of attorney, they do so in order to allow one or more agents the ability to represent them and their interests. But how does this take place? The process is fairly simple. When a principal decides to create a power of attorney, he or she creates a document that has to meet some basic state legal standards. The document will, at the very least, name the person …  read more

Free Report: Common Questions About North Carolina Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney are some of the most useful and flexible estate planning tools available today. Powers of attorney, or POAs, are capable of adding significant protections to any estate plan, and no plan is complete without at least one of them. The use, creation, and application of powers of attorney is not difficult, but a lot of people are confused about how these documents …  read more

Basic Questions About Estate Planning. What are Attorneys-in-Fact?

When it comes to estate plans, perhaps the single most confusing term people encounter is "attorneys-in-fact." An attorney-in-fact plays a key role in almost every estate plan, so understanding it is essential. Today we are going to take a look at several commonly asked questions about an attorney in fact, and how it relates to your estate plan. What are Attorneys-in-Fact? An …  read more

Power of Attorney in North Carolina: More Details and Options

Power of Attorney in North Carolina: More Details and Options from Cheryl David   Powers of Attorney are not a cure-all, and need to be created as a part of broader, and more comprehensive estate plan. Learn more about power of attorney in North Carolina in this presentation. …  read more

Vacations and Powers of Attorney for Childcare

If you and your family are preparing for a summer vacation, you might want to take the time to research powers of attorney for childcare, and why they might be something you want to create before you leave. Regardless of where you live in North Carolina, taking the proper precautions before you go on summer vacation is essential. You would never go to the airport without making sure …  read more

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