Power of Attorney

Proceed Carefully With Powers of Attorney in North Carolina

The central idea behind the power of attorney in North Carolina is the ability to give someone else the right to make decisions on your behalf. Whether you are hiring a real estate agent to represent you in negotiations, empowering your attorney to manage some of your affairs for you, or giving an adult child the ability to make medical decisions for you should you fall too ill to make …  read more

The Estate Planning Portfolio: Essential Documents

Anyone in Greensboro, North Carolina who is developing an estate plan will create several foundational documents. Even though the laws that govern these documents differ between states, and the individual documents you create, will be different than those other people create, the types of documents most people have are the same. There are a handful of documents that almost everyone will …  read more

Probate Problem Prevents Widow From Accessing Savings Account

The probate process is, at its worst, an annoying, time-consuming, and expensive bureaucratic operation that can frustrate even the most seasoned probate lawyer. It’s even worse when the rules and policies designed to prevent problems hinder relatives of the deceased person from wrapping up their affairs. Such is the case with Julia Bolena, a Jacksonville, Florida widow whose husband …  read more

Powers of Attorney Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

As part of any good estate plan you’ll likely create one or more powers of attorney. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these powerful legal documents before you create them so that you have a better understanding of what they do and why they are so useful. Authority Anytime you create a power of attorney you give your ability to make choices to someone else. This allows …  read more

Have Healthcare Documents for Your Children – A Letter From Cheryl

Dear Readers, This weekend I was out of town and my 16 year old daughter, Jennie, had to be hospitalized for intense stomach pains which ended up being related to her appendix. I was in Philadelphia with my husband at a family event and despite doing everything in my power to get home, I couldn't get a plane until the next day. Fortunately, I left a health directive giving my 24 year …  read more

Key Elder Care Documents Your Parents Need Now

For adult children with elderly parents, helping your parents prepare for the future can be as simple as helping them create the right legal documents. Many elderly parents are reluctant to create some these documents because they believe that once they do they will lose certain rights. It's important to always remember that your parents will always be able to choose what they do and do …  read more

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