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Free Report: Power of Attorney in North Carolina

A closer look at some of the specific types of decisions and issues you will have to face when you make an estate plan. Topics covered in this report include: Powers of Attorney Attorneys and Powers of Attorney Agents and Attorneys-in-Fact Types of Powers of Attorney Creating Powers …  read more

Basic Estate Planning Questions 6 – How Do Powers of Attorney Work?

In this week's blog post in our ongoing series on basic estate planning questions, we are going to look at powers of attorney, what they do, and how they work. Powers of attorney are some of the most important tools your estate plan will rely upon to make sure that your wishes are protected. Regardless of the kind of estate plan you create, the goals you are pursuing, or your individual …  read more

Incapacity Planning Means Every Adult Needs to Have Power of Attorney

A lot of people in the Greensboro, North Carolina area have heard the term “power of attorney” but do not really know what it is. To put it simply, a power of attorney is a legal document that gives you the ability to grant someone else the legal authority to make decisions for you. Whether you want that person to act in a limited fashion, have broad decision-making abilities, or only …  read more

Choosing an Agent Under Your Power of Attorney

One of the most important steps you have to take when creating a power of attorney is selecting the proper agent. The agent you choose will be responsible for performing the tasks you have identified in the power of attorney document. Because no two powers of attorney are identical and each will require different qualities in order for the agent to perform the job, you need to choose …  read more

Don’t Believe These Power of Attorney Myths

When people in Greensboro, North Carolina create an estate plan, they usually include one or more powers of attorney. Through a carefully created power of attorney, you give yourself the ability to delegate some of your decision-making authority to another person or organization. The representative you select, called your agent or attorney-in-fact, will then be able to act on your …  read more

What You Must, Can, and Cannot, do as an Agent Under POA

Some people first talk to an estate planning attorney in Greensboro, North Carolina because they have been asked to serve as an agent under a power of attorney, or POA. If you find yourself in this position, there are some issues you should understand to better familiarize yourself with powers of attorney, and what will be required of you as an agent. POA, Agents, and …  read more

Should I Make a Will, or Should I Make a Power of Attorney?

If you live in the Greensboro, North Carolina area and have considered making either a power of attorney or a last will and testament, you might wonder if one of these documents is all you need. If so, which one should you make? Is it better to have a last will and testament, or should your estate plan rely on a carefully drafted power of attorney? Though this type of question is …  read more

Power of Attorney and Your Rights

People creating an estate plan in North Carolina will create at least one power of attorney. Through these important documents you can give someone else the ability to make decisions on your behalf. Whether those decisions are financial, involve health care decisions, or encompass any other issue, you need to know how these documents affect you and your rights. Here are some common …  read more

Powers of Attorney and Multiple Agents

When you create a power of attorney as a part of your estate plan, you will have to choose one or more agents who will be able to make decisions for you. Through the power of attorney document, your agent will become your legal representative and will speak with all the legal authority to grant that person. Because powers of attorney are so powerful, some people choose to select …  read more

What is a Durable Power of Attorney?

People creating an estate plan in the Greensboro, North Carolina area often include a durable power of attorney. But what is a durable power of attorney? What makes a durable power different from other types of powers of attorney, and what does a power of attorney actually do? Let us take a look at some commonly asked questions surrounding these important documents. What is a power of …  read more

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