Inheritance Planning

Steps Involved in Inheritance Planning

Most people understand the importance of inheritance planning; however, over half of all Americans do not have an inheritance plan in place despite knowing they need one. There are a number of reasons people give for their lack of an inheritance, or estate, plan, but one of the most common is that they simply don’t know where to start. Unless you have some experience with it, inheritance …  read more

Transferring Inheritance in North Carolina

Even though it isn't exactly a common situation, there may come a time where transferring inheritance, or transferring inheritance rights, to someone else might be in your best interests. The question of why you might want to transfer inheritance, and how you can do it, is something your attorney will explain to you in more detail. Until then, however, there are some basic issues about …  read more

Inheritance Planning for People with Children, Grandchildren, or No Children

You have worked hard all your life, saved faithfully, and invested wisely. As a result, you have managed to accumulate a moderate to large estate that you hope will see you through your Golden Years as well as provide for loved ones after you are gone. Protecting that estate requires careful inheritance planning. The details of your inheritance planning strategies will depend, to a large …  read more

Basic Questions About Estate Planning – How Can I Give Fair Inheritances?

One of the most important issues confronting people who create estate plans is the question of how to give fair inheritances. After all, you don't want to leave an estate plan that would cause strife or discord between your family members and loved ones, and leaving fair inheritances goes a long way in protecting family relationships. Today we are going to take a look at what you might …  read more

Four Ways Your Property Transfers After You Die

When most people think about estate planning, what they think about is transferring property after you die. While there is a lot more to estate planning than simple property transfer issues, much of an estate plan will focus on how your property transfers to new owners after your death. Understanding the different ways that property can transfer after you die is essential before you make …  read more

Free Report: North Carolina Estate and Inheritance Plans – Part1

At its broadest, an estate plan is simply a collection of legal tool that allows you to protect your desires if and when you should become incapacitated or die. Even though everyone dies, the majority of people do not ever get around to actually creating an estate plan. Further, those who decide to create a plan on their own, such as by creating a last will and testament, often overlook …  read more

Millionaires Leaving Inheritances to Children, not Charity

According to a recent survey, American millionaires are not planning on leaving much of their wealth to charity. Most of the millionaires polled report that they plan on leaving their children or grandchildren inheritances, while only a small number plan on leaving large sums to charities. The poll comes as the nation is at the beginning of one of the greatest cross-generational wealth …  read more

Free Report: North Carolina Inheritance Planning

Inheritance plans can also include a variety of other tools, such as revocable living trusts. They might also include testamentary trusts, transfer-on-death accounts, and even more complicated options. Your attorney will explain all these options to you and advise you on which would be most beneficial for you in your particular circumstances. Topics covered in this report include: …  read more

Free Report: North Carolina Inheritance Planning – Part1

Do you know what would happen to your property should you die without an estate plan or die without making legally enforceable inheritance choices. Learn more about North Carolina inheritance planning in this presentation. Topics covered in this report include: Making Inheritance Choices Dying intestate Disinheriting others You Need to Talk to us Before you Make and …  read more

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