Pet Planning

Basic Questions About Estate Planning – How do I Protect a Pet in an Estate Plan?

A lot of people in Greensboro, North Carolina want to know how to protect a pet in an estate plan. If you have a pet, or multiple animals, making a plan that ensures those animals will be properly cared for is likely near and dear to your heart. Today, as part of our series on basic questions about estate planning, we will look at how you can protect a pet in an estate plan. How do I …  read more

Free Report: North Carolina Pet Planning: Part 2

Regardless of whether you have a single pet, multiple pets, or are planning on becoming a pet owner in the future, you need to have a pet plan ready in case you are no longer able to provide the care your animal companions require. Topics covered in this report include: Funding the Trust Managing Trust Money Caring for the Pet Talk to us About Your Pet …  read more

Free Report: North Carolina Pet Planning: Part 1

Whether you have a single pet, a small number of animals, an entire zoo, or are planning on acquiring more animals in the future, knowing what will happen to them should something happen to you is what your pet plan is designed to do. Like other estate planning tools, a pet plan is comprised of one or more specific elements. Topics covered in this report include: Pet Plans Pet …  read more

Pet Planning With Life Insurance? Yes, But Carefully.

People in the Greensboro, North Carolina area who want to create a pet plan often have a lot of questions. Some of these questions involve life insurance, and more specifically, whether or not they can use a life insurance policy to provide for their pet. While you should only try to create an estate or pet plan after speaking to an experienced attorney, it is possible to use your …  read more

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