Elder Law

Basic Estate Planning Questions 7 – What is Elder Law?

In this week's post in our ongoing series on basic estate planning questions, we are going to ask the important question of “what is elder law.” Like many areas of estate planning law, elder law is not something with which a lot of people in the Greenville, North Carolina have direct experience. Elder law and estate planning attorneys, however, can play an important role in your life if …  read more

Elder Law Tip Sheet

Elder law is something that a lot of people are confronted with, but also something that not many people know much about. As we age, our needs, options, and abilities change. For seniors and elderly people, those changes can be the most dramatic. Elder law addresses the legal realities that arise because of these changes. Whether you are an elderly person, someone nearing retirement, or …  read more

Look After Aging Parents This Holiday Season

This holiday season, you might want to take a little time to consider whether your aging parents need more help than they’re currently receiving. If you haven’t visited your parents in a while, it can come as a shock to see how age has affected them. Also, people who visit their parents regularly can easily miss some warning signs that can indicate that they need assistance. If you are …  read more

BLS Releases New Elder Care Numbers

]According to new figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growing number of Americans joining the ranks of senior citizens are relying on their friends and relatives to provide unpaid elder care at an increasing rate. According to the report, about 16% of all people in the United States age 15 and older provide some kind of unpaid or uncompensated elder care services every …  read more

Why You and Your Parents Need to Have “The Talk”

A recent post in the AARP blog talks about a potentially uncomfortable conversation you might have to have with your aging parents. When you’re growing up, “the talk” typically refers to the discussion you have with your parents about sex. A notoriously uncomfortable situation for everyone involved,  but that's not the discussion we are talking about. “The talk” you might need to have …  read more

Why People Decide to Call an Elder Law Attorney

Elder law is a specialized area of the law that focuses on the legal issues confronting senior citizens, elderly people, and their families. Most people don’t really think of elder law until they encounter a situation that requires them to seek legal advice. While there are many ways an elder law attorney can assist you, here are some the more common reasons why people decide to pick up …  read more

Medicaid Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Medicaid is a joint state and federally run health care insurance program that, in part, pays for nursing home and extended care expenses for eligible seniors. Because nursing home expenses can easily exceed $7,000 per month, people who are planning ahead for long-term care can often take advantage of Medicaid to help pay for those expenses. Unfortunately, too many people don’t plan …  read more

What to do if You Know a Family Member is About to Die

Dealing with a death in the family is always a difficult time. Today, many deaths come not unexpectedly, but after lengthy hospital stays or situations where the family has had time to prepare. While this time can make it easier on the family when the loved one dies, this isn’t always the case. Even knowing in advance that a family member will die doesn’t guarantee that your grieving …  read more

Elder Abuse More Common as Population Gets Older

The number of baby boomers retiring in the near future will hold steady at 10,000 people per day until at least 2030. This represents a significant shift in the overall demographics of the country. One of the more disturbing aspects of this aging of America is the rise in elder abuse that is becoming far too common around the country. Studies show that about 2 million elderly people …  read more

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Elder Law

If you ask the average person what elder law is and why it’s important to them, the chances are that you’ll receive an answer that depends largely on how old that person is. Most young people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about elder law issues even though these issues can apply to people other than the elderly. There are a number of elder law issues that everyone should be aware of …  read more

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