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Why People Decide to Call an Elder Law Attorney

Elder law is a specialized area of the law that focuses on the legal issues confronting senior citizens, elderly people, and their families. Most people don’t really think of elder law until they encounter a situation that requires them to seek legal advice. While there are many ways an elder law attorney can assist you, here are some the more common reasons why people decide to pick up the phone and call an elder law specialist.

Your doctor gives you some bad news.

None of us like to think about death, but some people are so reluctant to do so that they don’t put any thought into estate planning until they can no longer avoid the situation at all. Receiving a bad diagnosis from a doctor causes many people to consider estate planning issues and call an attorney who has experience in those matters.

You find that you need more help than you are currently receiving.

Many seniors go for years without needing outside assistance to help them in their daily lives. But there may come a time when you need the occasional help around the home, or even more comprehensive care that can only be provided in an elder care facility. Transitioning between your life and the time when you need to rely on others for day-to-day needs can be a difficult one. Also, planning on the financial considerations involved in finding and paying for this type of care can be difficult, often requiring the assistance of an experienced elder law attorney.

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