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Getting Help for Mom and Dad

Whether you have been thinking about getting your elderly parents some assistance or have made it your New Year’s resolution to make life easier for them, adult children with elderly parents need to take some time to consider exactly what kind of help and assistance your parents might need. In such a situation there are several steps you can take to help determine what kind of care is best.

Determine if assistance is needed.

Some adult children will visit their parents and find, for example, a stack of unopened letters or a home with more clutter than there should be. While this might be a sign that your parent is unable to devote the same time and energy to common chores as he or she used to be, it isn’t necessarily a sign that they need regular help. However, more significant problems, such as late bills and not eating right, should be warning signs that help is needed.

Talk about the level of assistance required.

Your elderly parent will often be very reluctant to accept assistance, but you should be able to talk about the issue with them if you notice anything that needs to be addressed. Make it clear to your parents that you are there for them and can help as much as they wish. Some simple things you can do include helping them pay their bills on time by managing their finances, as well as providing regular meals or ensuring that someone brings food on a regular basis.

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