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3 Practical Tips For Witnessing a Will

Tip 1: Sign everything at the same time.

When you create a last will and testament in Greensboro, North Carolina, you will need to be able to sign the document in the presence of two or more competent adult witnesses. To do this, it is always best to assemble everyone in the same room at the same time so all of you can sign the document in one another’s presence. This event is often known as the signing ceremony, and will often be coordinated by your estate planning attorney.

Tip 2: Use uninterested witnesses.

You need to choose your witnesses wisely. While not all states require that you choose uninterested witnesses, it’s always better to do so. What is an uninterested witness? An uninterested witness is anyone who does not stand to receive an inheritance from you either through your will or, if your will is determined to be invalid, through state laws of intestacy. This essentially means that an uninterested witness is anyone who is not a member of your family and is someone to whom you have not left a gift in your will.

Tip 3: Use young people who are close.

If you do not create a self-proving will, your witnesses may have to testify that they saw you sign the document. If such is the case you should try to use witnesses who are younger than you and who live in the same area. This will make it easier to find them when it comes time for the the will to be submitted to court.

Of course, a will is not the only estate planning tool you need. If want to know more about another essential tool, the living trust, you can attend our free Living Trust Seminar on May 14th. Contact our offices for registration details.

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