greensboro incapacity planning

Greensboro Incapacity Planning and Your Revocable Living Trust

A part of most contemporary estate plans, the revocable living trust is one of the more powerful tools available to people who want to protect against the needless cost and time imposed by the probate process. Yet while you might understand that revocable living trusts give you the ability to reduce or eliminate the necessity of probate, you might not realize that these tools also afford …  read more

Greensboro Incapacity Planning Will Help Your Family

Many people in the Greensboro, North Carolina area have considered incapacity planning, but have not really taken the time to sit down with an estate planning lawyer to craft a plan. While the reluctance to craft an incapacity plan is often due to our refusal to accept the possibility that we might one day become incapacitated, we can help get over this hurdle by better understanding …  read more

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