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Have Healthcare Documents for Your Children – A Letter From Cheryl

Dear Readers,

This weekend I was out of town and my 16 year old daughter, Jennie, had to be hospitalized for intense stomach pains which ended up being related to her appendix. I was in Philadelphia with my husband at a family event and despite doing everything in my power to get home, I couldn’t get a plane until the next day. Fortunately, I left a health directive giving my 24 year old daughter, Blaire, the right to act on Jennie’s behalf. If you have minor children or grandchildren and you plan on leaving town, please leave a Health Care Directive giving the people watching your children the authority to make health care decisions.

Without these documents, things would not have gone as smoothly and treatment would have been delayed. With these documents, Blaire got Jennie directly into the urgent care, directly into the emergency room and directly into the hospital. She was asked for the Health Directive six times. All six times she was commended on having the right document at the right time. Without this document, each facility would have been delayed in providing treatment and they would have needed to speak to us and get the right information emailed or faxed. What if we couldn’t be reached? What if such delays had affected Jennie’s treatment?

In the last few months, I’ve dealt with two children who needed to be hospitalized and they didn’t have these documents in place. It was bad. I will provide these documents to all parents of minors and college students during March at the greatly reduced price of $25. Please, please make sure you have these documents in place before your next trip. I would be glad to speak to your children’s schools, church groups, day care centers or other places where young families are likely to hear my message about the importance of these documents.

Jennie is doing really well and I’m very proud of Blaire and how she handled things while I was out of town.


Cheryl David

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