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Complimentary Probate, Medicaid, and Estate Planning Conversations From the Comfort of Your Home

Our law firm is hosting Free Private Family Meetings online via our conference line to explain different options families have to get their legal affairs in order.

This is your opportunity to meet privately, alone, or with your family members. As you can imagine, we often receive numerous calls from people who wanted to make sure that their legal affairs are in order. People are asking us questions like:

  • “Is my Will valid?”
  • “Should I have a Trust instead of a Will?”
  • “What if I don’t have a Will?”
  • “Will my family be forced to deal with PROBATE when I die?”
  • “Is my Power of Attorney out of date?”
  • “If I get a Trust, what kind of Trust should I get?”
  • “How will my family be able to make medical decisions for me if I get sick?”
  • “Can I protect my home and other property from being taken by the state if I go into a nursing home?”

We know that a private family meeting is the best way for us to educate your family about these issues, use the calendar below to reserve your time slot now.

We will discuss many issues, including:

  • New Laws that May Affect You and Your Family
  • In North Carolina, Every Will MUST be Probated to have any Legal Effect
  • Options to Protect Beneficiaries
  • Will Your Home be Protected if You Go Into a Nursing Home?
  • What are the Dangers of Having Children listed on Bank Accounts and Investments?
  • Relatively New Power of Attorney Law in North Carolina
  • Your Children May Lose Their Inheritances in a Divorce
  • If You are Married, and One Spouse Dies, What Happens?
  • Why do so Many People Use Trusts and How do Trusts Work?

As you can see, there is a HUGE amount of information that we will be covering. These special online or conference call family meetings will be hosted by our law firm attorneys, who are frequent speakers on trusts, wills, and proper estate planning. These private meetings are for a limited time only, and normally a $400 value – but free for phone appointments only.

For over 35 years, our practice has been dedicated to helping clients prepare their estate plans. Cheryl David in particular has assisted over 5,000 people to prepare their estate plans.

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