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Some Couples Should Hire Separate Estate Planning Lawyers

While it’s common for couples to get separate attorneys when they are entering into a prenuptial agreements or when they divorce, far fewer couples use different attorneys when they develop their estate plans. However, there are some occasions when spouses may want to hire their own lawyers to develop their own estate plans. Here are a couple of situations when it might be a good idea.


In some marriages it falls to one spouse to do most of the talking in certain situations. For example, you and your spouse may not have the same ideas when it comes to finances, but your spouse may take the lead in estate planning discussions. It’s important for both couples in a relationship to feel that their estate planning needs are met and all their questions are answered. If you are not comfortable speaking freely in front of your spouse, this is a good sign you made need your own attorney.


In a similar way, some couples have specific questions or situations that they may not feel comfortable speaking about in front of their partner. Some of these questions can be as simple as specific health concerns you want to keep discreet, while others can be long-held secrets that you have never conveyed to anyone. Regardless of what it is you are reluctant to speak about, your estate planning attorney is there to listen to your concerns and to give you advice. Anything you say is held in confidence, and you can rest assured that your attorney will not reveal your secrets.

You can learn more about how different estate planning topics will impact you and your spouse that one of our free estate planning seminars. We will be holding seminars on September 10 and 13, as well as October 1st and 2nd in Greensboro, North Carolina. Contact our office for registration information and directions.

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