Medicaid Planning

Do I Qualify for Emergency Medicaid?

As part of our practice, we help North Carolina clients qualify for Medicaid and Emergency/Crisis Medicaid. If you qualify (now or in the foreseeable future) for assisted living, memory care, or skilled care, or you’ve already been admitted to a nursing home or expect to go to a nursing home in the foreseeable future, we may be able to help protect your family’s hard earned wealth from …  read more

5 Things You Need to Know about North Carolina Medicaid

Like many people, you may have gone through your working years without ever needing to qualify for Medicaid benefits because you were fortunate enough to have employer sponsored health insurance coverage. As a senior, however, you may find that Medicaid is the only option available to help you cover the high cost of long-term care for you or your spouse. Ideally, you will recognize the …  read more

Can a Greensboro Medicaid Attorney Help Me If I Need to Qualify for Medicaid Immediately?

Like many people, you may have gone your entire life without giving the need to qualify for Medicaid a second thought because you were covered by employer or private health insurance and/or because your income exceeded the limits for any of the state or federal need based assistance programs, including Medicaid. You may, however, find yourself in a situation where you do suddenly need to …  read more

Will North Carolina Medicaid Pay My Nursing Home Expenses?

Although no one really wants to think about the possibility of ending up in a nursing home at some point in time, the odds are favorable for all of us – and the increase dramatically the longer you live. Ignoring the possibility that you may one day need nursing home care could be an extremely costly mistake because it means you will likely fail to include Medicaid planning in your …  read more

Do I Need to Include Medicaid Planning in My Estate Plan?

  When most people think of “estate planning” they think of protecting loved ones after their own death by creating a plan for the distribution of their estate assets after death. While this is certainly the primary focus of most estate plans, there are also some popular secondary goals and objectives found in most estate plans, such as Medicaid planning. If you are unfamiliar …  read more

Free Report: North Carolina Medicaid Planning – Part2

One of the biggest issues surrounding Medicaid planning is determining whether you can meet the individual asset limit associated with the program. Medicaid, unlike Medicare, is a form of welfare, not an entitlement program. As such, there are stringent asset restrictions associated with it. Those who own more than the asset limits are not able to qualify for the program, and must use …  read more

Medicaid Planning in North Carolina: Eligibility, Options, and Personal Plans

Medicaid Planning in North Carolina: Eligibility, Options, and Personal Plans from Cheryl David The equity in your home, your personal vehicle, and your personal possessions will not count against you when determining Medicaid eligibility. Your plan will either turn your property into exempt assets, or transfer them in such a way that they are no longer counted against you, Learn …  read more

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