Estate Planning

Estate Planning in the Year End/New Year

With all the hustle and bustle surrounding the Holiday season, it can be worthwhile for anyone with an estate plan to take a moment to review those plans in the year end or during the first part of the new year. A good estate plan is on that fits your needs and desires, so your plan may require periodic updates or changes. If you have not reviewed your plan yet this year, here are a …  read more

Basic Questions About Estate Planning – How do I Avoid Family Conflicts Over my Estate? Part 2

Last week we looked at several issues people creating an estate plan need to consider when they look to avoid family conflicts. A good estate plan will now only protect you and your interests but will minimize the risk of potentially destructive and expensive conflicts arising out of it. Today we are going to look at some additional steps you can take to reduce the possibility that these …  read more

Collectibles and Estate Planning

When it comes to collectibles and estate planning, there are some issues that you might need to consider that do not typically arise with other types of property. For people with collections, trying to determine what you want to happen to them in the future can be difficult. Questions of value and distribution are key, but so too are other issues, such as emotional value perceived …  read more

What Do Guardians in North Carolina do?

Last week we started a discussion about guardians in North Carolina by looking at some common questions about them. This week we thought we would go into more depth about what a guardian's responsibilities are. As with any specific question about guardians, estate planning, or any legal topic, our advice here is not intended to provide you with specific guidance, but rather, to give you …  read more

Why You Want an Attorney to Handle Your Estate Plan Instead of Being Your Own Attorney or Creating Online Documents

Many people ask me each year why they should see a local attorney for their estate documents instead of using an online platform. My answer is always the same - each state has different laws, each family has different needs and I've seen terrible results from do-it-yourself and online planning. Each state has different rules, requirements and legal documents. Every state in the U.S. …  read more

North Carolina Estate and Inheritance Plans: More Questions, Advanced Concepts

North Carolina Estate and Inheritance Plans: More Questions, Advanced Concepts from Cheryl David   While many people seek out an estate planning lawyer because they want to MAKE AN INHERITANCE PLAN, but don’t realize that an estate plan involves far more than issues of inheritances. Learn more about North Carolina estate and inheritance plans in this presentation. …  read more

Basic Questions About Estate Planning – What Should You do if You Just Want Everything Taken Care of?

A common concern many people express when they talk to an estate planning attorney is the idea of taking steps necessary to make sure everything is taken care of after they die. This is often expressed in terms of "doing the basics" that are needed, or "just making sure nothing goes wrong." While these sentiments are common, they can belie the complicated nature of estate planning, …  read more

3 Costly Estate Planning Mistakes

Over the years the attorneys and staff at the law offices of Cheryl David have helped numerous individuals, couples, and families in the Greensboro, North Carolina area develop estate plans that have fit their individual needs, and which have avoided the most common estate planning mistakes around. Yet with all our experience and expertise, we are mostly powerless to help people unless …  read more

Facebook Adopts New Digital Estate Planning Policy

We have written about digital estate planning several times in this blog, so we were happy to see that Facebook has recently adopted a new digital estate planning policy that could help answer many of the previously unanswered questions surrounding the issue of what happens to social media accounts after the account owner dies. As part of its new policy, Facebook has established a …  read more

3 Questions About Estate Planning You Should Ask Yourself Every Year

\When it comes to keeping your estate plan healthy, there are several questions you should ask yourself every year to help you decide when you need to schedule an appointment to update or modify your plan. The process of creating an estate plan is not one that ends after you have signed the final document and left your attorney's office. While your attorney will keep you informed of any …  read more

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