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3 Questions About Self-Proving Wills

Question 1: What is a self-proving will?

A self-proving will is a last will and testament that is accompanied by an affidavit signed by the two witnesses who signed the will. Almost all states, including North Carolina, allow people to create a self-proving affidavit that can help prove the will’s validity when it comes time to submit it to a probate court and begin the estate settlement process.

Question 2: How do you make a self-proving will?

There are two main pieces you must create when making a self-proving will. First, you have to create a valid last will and testament. This means you have to write the will so that it meets all North Carolina legal requirements.

Second, you have to create the self-proving affidavit. The affidavit has to be signed by the two witnesses before a licensed public notary. The notary has to confirm the identity of both people signing the document and then affix the affidavit with an official seal.

Question 3: Are self-proving wills necessary?

No. There is no requirement that you create a self-proving affidavit when you create a will in Greensboro, North Carolina, or anywhere else in the state. If you want to, you can simply create a last will and testament without the accompanying affidavit. However, when it comes time to prove your will in court, having a self-proving affidavit is much better. In some situations, for example, witnesses are hard to locate, so having the affidavit available makes the executor’s job much easier.

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