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3 Estate Plan Questions to Think About Before Your Next Vacation

Question 1. Do I need someone to manage my affairs at home while I am gone?

Many people taking a vacation in Greensboro, North Carolina know that they will have to find someone to take care of the house, pets, or other important issues while they are gone. Yet most of these people don’t do anything more than ask a family member or neighbor to look after things. While this is normally enough, you might want to consider taking additional steps if you’re planning on a lengthier vacation. For example, if you’re gone for weeks or months at a time, you may need to give someone temporary power of attorney to pay your bills for you or to take care of other important financial concerns.

Question 2. What happens if an emergency arises?

Emergencies that take place while you’re on vacation can be more difficult to manage than others. If something should happen to you, it can be difficult for friends or family to step in and help if they don’t have the proper legal authorization. Additionally, should something happen at home while you are away, you don’t want to have to scramble to give somebody the ability to act for you while you are thousands of miles removed from your home.

Question 3. Is everything organized?

If you are on vacation and someone does need to act on your behalf, will that person be able to find the important information they need? If you don’t take the time to organize your important personal estate plan documents, this could cause a problem to those trying to help you.

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