Estate Planning: How to “Fix” Your Estate Plan

Anyone creating a will in Greensboro, North Carolina, may wonder what will happen to your estate plan if you make a mistake. Many changes can occur that require reevaluation of your estate plan. Some of these changes pertain to the law, such as complex tax laws or varying uses of trusts. Some changes are more personal, such as your marital status, acquisition of wealth, or a new ideal …  read more

North Carolina Probate: Notice To Creditors

If you are considering making a will in Greensboro, North Carolina, you may be curious about how your wishes are carried out after you die. In general, a will sets out your choices about who receives your property, or at least a specific type of your property known as probate property. As part of the probate process, someone will have to represent your state. This person, known as an …  read more

The Myth of the Will Registry

Some people making a Will in Greensboro, North Carolina have heard about Will registries but don’t really know what they are. Some of these people may be confused by what these registries do, and may believe that you have to file your Will with the registry as part of the legal process. Here is what you need to know about Will registries and how they can impact your will. Optional …  read more

I’ve Moved. Can I Still Use my Will in my New State?

Even though a lot of people know that each state has its own laws about wills and estate planning, many people aren’t sure how those laws apply to practical situations, such as when you move to a new state. In general, if you live in, or have recently moved to Greensboro, North Carolina and have made a last will and testament in one state, that will is still good when you move to a new …  read more

Is Beastie Boy Adam Yauch’s Will Invalid?

Check out this week's newsletter - click on our logo below! In this edition, find more about the following topics: Is Beastie Boy Adam Yauch's Will Invalid? Leasing Office Space at 528 College Road Can You Control Your Heirs From the Grave? IRS Gives New Tax Directions for Dual Citizens Medicare B Can Help Defray Medical Costs Give Away Your Potential Tax …  read more

Estate Planning Terms: Ademption – 3 Questions

Question 1: What is ademption? Ademption refers to when a Will leaves a specific gift to someone, but, when the time comes to distribute those gifts, the person who made the Will no longer owns that property. In this situation there is nothing for the estate to give to the named beneficiary, so the gift has failed, or adeemed. Question 2: How does ademption happen? There are two …  read more

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