Estate Planning

Why a Living Trust Goes Hand-in-Hand With a Will

All adults in Greensboro, North Carolina should take the time to create a last will and testament. But just because you create a will that doesn’t mean you can stop your estate planning efforts. Wills are necessary pieces of any estate plan, but they are not capable of meeting all of your needs. At the very least you will also want to create a revocable living trust that will go …  read more

What the Fiscal Cliff Agreement Means For Your Estate

It’s February and the fiscal cliff drama has faded since the president and Congress reached an agreement. In all the news coverage surrounding the story, the last-minute negotiations, and the subsequent deal, you may have missed the practical effects the deal has on your estate plan. While many people won’t need to worry about the estate planning elements of the fiscal cliff deal, there …  read more

Estate Planning: How to “Fix” Your Estate Plan

Anyone creating a will in Greensboro, North Carolina, may wonder what will happen to your estate plan if you make a mistake. Many changes can occur that require reevaluation of your estate plan. Some of these changes pertain to the law, such as complex tax laws or varying uses of trusts. Some changes are more personal, such as your marital status, acquisition of wealth, or a new ideal …  read more

Some Couples Should Hire Separate Estate Planning Lawyers

While it's common for couples to get separate attorneys when they are entering into a prenuptial agreements or when they divorce, far fewer couples use different attorneys when they develop their estate plans. However, there are some occasions when spouses may want to hire their own lawyers to develop their own estate plans. Here are a couple of situations when it might be a good …  read more

Retirement Tips for Same Sex Couples

While America's attitudes towards same-sex couples have changed significantly in recent years, there are still some potential retirement hurdles that many LGBT Americans need think about. On the federal level, the Defense of Marriage Act effectively prevents same-sex couples from benefiting from the same retirement benefits that heterosexual couples share. However, you can take steps now …  read more

Yes, Singles Need an Estate Plan Too

The majority of any estate planning attorney's clients are older, often retired people who want to make sure their families can receive an inheritance. For younger, single people, however, the idea of creating an estate plan occurs about as often as the idea of joining the AARP. While it's true that many people aren't likely to need their estate plans any time soon, they still need to …  read more

Formalities of a Will

While putting together a will might seem like second nature to some, it’s a complete mystery to others. We’re going to go over what the basic formalities of a will are and why they are important to follow. The will must be in writing: By writing, I’m not referring to handwriting. It is recommended by most estate planning attorneys to avoid handwriting your will if at all possible. …  read more

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