Estate Planning

You Already Have an Estate Plan, Whether You Want it or Not

One of the facts that people who first visit an estate planning attorney are sometimes surprised to find out is that they already have an effective estate plan in place. The estate planning process is about making decisions. Those decisions will control what happens to you and your property should you become incapacitated or die. However, even if you never get around to making an …  read more

Foundational Legal Concepts to Know Before You Begin Estate Planning

A lot of people in Greensboro, North Carolina who visit an estate planning attorney for the first time have never talked to a lawyer before. They come into the first meeting without the years of education and experience their lawyer has, and can quickly find themselves overwhelmed with the terminology and concepts involved. If you find yourself in a similar situation; don’t worry. …  read more

Marlise Munoz, Advance Directives, and Questions of Death

One of the reasons we’ve recently discussed the Marlise Munoz case, and others like it, is because it touches on one of the most difficult estate planning questions around; talking about death. Everyone knows that our lives are limited, but the subject is such a taboo topic that we rarely speak about it even amongst our closest friends and loved ones. The question of what happens to …  read more

3 Simple Ways to Avoid Common Estate Litigation Problems

Estate litigation is often the result of some easily avoided problems. When litigation arises, it can be costly, time-consuming, and can significantly damage family and interpersonal relationships. Avoiding litigation by creating an estate plan that looks ahead to possible conflicts is an essential part of creating a plan that will benefit you and your family. To that end, here are some …  read more

Why Estate Planning Attorneys Love Their Jobs

If you are like a lot of people, you have probably heard horror stories about attorneys who absolutely hate their jobs. The long hours, the stress, the constant arguing and confrontation; all of these are factors that turn many people away from the idea of becoming a lawyer. Fortunately, estate planning attorneys are often the exception to the general rule. In fact, many estate planning …  read more

Estate Planning When an Emergency Arises

The thought that an emergency could affect you and your family is never a pleasant idea to consider, but it is something responsible people need to be prepared for. When it comes to estate planning, an emergency situation can lead to many complications for you and your family. Though it is always best to have a complete estate plan in place before an emergency arises, there are steps you …  read more

Make 2014 Your Year to Begin Estate Planning

With the new year comes a new opportunity for everyone in the Greensboro, North Carolina area who has not begun estate planning to meet with a lawyer and get started. Having a good estate plan in place should be a top priority for you if you have procrastinated, put it off, or have only made bits and pieces. Unfortunately, like any other New Year’s resolution, it can be very difficult …  read more

Estate Planning When You’re Living With Someone

Estate planning is something every able adult should do, especially if you’re living with someone and are not married. Couples living outside of marriage do not have the same rights when it comes to estate planning as married couples do. Questions of inheritances, decision-making authority, and other significant issues are all something you will want to address if you are in a committed …  read more

Don’t Forget About IP When You Craft Your Estate Plan

The creation of a successful estate plan requires the evaluation of numerous issues. In some situations, you might need to devote special attention to any intellectual property you might own. Intellectual property, or IP as it is sometimes referred to, consists of patents, copyrights, and trademarks. These types of intangible possessions are often very valuable, but it can take some …  read more

The Three Big Mistake Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

In an ideal world, estate planning attorneys would only help clients get prepared. They would never have to help clients deal with problems that arise out of mistakes in their estate plans. But this isn’t an ideal world, and estate planning mistakes happen. To help you avoid these mistakes, here is a list of three that pose some of the greatest risk. Mistake 1. Making a plan on your …  read more

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