Law Offices of Cheryl David Preserving Your Legacy Scholarship Instructions

Please read these instructions carefully. Scholarship applications that are incomplete or otherwise do not follow instructions will not be considered. Please read all terms and conditions.

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Who Is Eligible?

Any high school senior in North Carolina is eligible to apply for this scholarship. The student must be enrolled in a two-year to five-year institution for the upcoming 2020-21 semester.

A minimum GPA is not required.

How to Apply:

  1. Submit an essay between 500-1000 words OR complete a 3-5-minute video addressing the following prompt with a supporting essay that is less than 500 words:

“At Law Offices of Cheryl David, we focus on preserving life legacies. Imagine it is 60 years from now and you are looking back at your life and your legacy. What does that look like? What did you do with your life? Did you solve any problems or make a change? What is one lesson you hope you taught people during your lifetime?”

The applications can be serious, funny, inspiring—whatever you want! Creativity is encouraged. All videos must be 3-5 minutes in length (with a supporting essay less than 500 words) and all essay applications must be 500-1000 words. You don’t need to be a professional videographer. Film it with whatever resources you have!

  1. For the video application, upload the video to YouTube. The video must use the title and description format below.

Title: Law Offices of Cheryl David Preserving Your Legacy Scholarship – [YOUR NAME]

Description: This video is an application for Law Offices of Cheryl David Preserving Your Legacy Scholarship. This $1000 scholarship will be given to one high school senior in North Carolina. 

Visit YouTube Support if you have questions about how to upload a video. If you do not have a YouTube channel, click here.

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When Is the Deadline?

Due to COVID-19, the application deadline has been extended to April 30th, 2021.

How Is the Winner Chosen?

The winner will be selected based on the completeness of his or her application, as well as the thoughtfulness, creativity and care showed in the essays/video.

Please read our Terms and Conditions regarding the scholarship selection process.

When Is the Winner Announced?

The winner will be announced in May 2021. He or she will be contacted by email. A check made out to the institution in which he or she is enrolled will be sent to the educational institution’s address provided in the scholarship application no later than 30 days after the announcement.

Important note: The scholarship award will be paid via check directly to the institution in which the winning student is enrolled. The winner will be required to provide all information regarding his or her enrollment that is necessary to administer the scholarship funds, including (but not limited to) the name of the institution and his or her student ID number. If the winner decides to attend a school other than the one provided, it is his or her responsibility to notify GNGF (513-244-2016) so that a revised check may be sent.

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