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Revoking Your North Carolina Will

If you have made a will in Greensboro, North Carolina and have ever wondered how to change or revoke it, North Carolina law allows you several options. While revoking the will is entirely your choice, there are several reasons why you may want to do this.

Most people will revoke an old will after they change their minds about its terms or experience a change in circumstances that requires them to make new terms. Its very common, for example, to revoke an old will after you get divorced, have a new child, or experience a significant change in financial circumstances.

Creating a New Will

Regardless of your individual reasons for wanting to revoke your old will, the best way is to create a new will that accurately represents your wishes. Like your old will, you must ensure that the new document complies with North Carolina law. Also, the new will should contain what is known as a revocation clause. This is simply a statement that tells the court that any will you made before the new one is effectively revoked.

Destroying the Old Will

It is also possible to revoke a will by physically tearing it up, burning it, obliterating it, shredding it, or in any other way destroying it. You have to intend the destruction to revoke the will, and either do it yourself or direct someone else to do it if you are not physically able.

Unfortunately, physically destroying the will is not a great way to revoke it, and it is always better to create a new will instead.

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