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Pregnant in Greensboro? You Need to Start Thinking About Estate Planning

With everything else that comes after learning that you’re pregnant, it’s easy for most women to forget about estate planning concerns. The fact is, most people don’t develop an estate plan at all, much less after they learned they are pregnant. Yet there are some decidedly important concerns you need to address if you’re pregnant, as well as if you’ve already given birth.

Appoint the Appropriate Guardian

Though no one likes to think about it, it is possible that you may not always be there for your child. If something should happen to you, you need an estate plan that nominates a guardian who will be able to take over child-rearing responsibilities should you no longer be able to. Creating a will in which you nominate the guardian of your choice is a far better option than allowing a state court to determine who should be the guardian without your approval.

Begin Inheritance Planning

If something should happen to you, you’ll also want to ensure that your child is left with an inheritance. A good inheritance plan can start simply and, as the years go by, allow you to change its terms as your circumstances change.

Be Prepared for the Worst

If something happens to you either during the pregnancy or after, you will also want someone who can represent your interests. By creating a medical directive and powers of attorney you can ensure that someone will represent your wishes and be your voice if you were to become incapacitated

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