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Why Estate Planning Attorneys Love Their Jobs

If you are like a lot of people, you have probably heard horror stories about attorneys who absolutely hate their jobs. The long hours, the stress, the constant arguing and confrontation; all of these are factors that turn many people away from the idea of becoming a lawyer. Fortunately, estate planning attorneys are often the exception to the general rule. In fact, many estate planning attorneys love our jobs. Here is why.

Estate planning attorneys help our clients avoid problems.

One of the reasons so many attorneys experience high levels of stress in their work is because they’re constantly dealing with client problems after they arise. When a client comes to a lawyer after being sued, for example, that lawyer only has a limited number of options in how he or she can help the client.

With estate planning, on the other hand, lawyers often help clients before a problem ever arises. We help our clients plan ahead for possibilities and eventualities. Though we also help clients who are facing  litigation issues, we most often assist people in creating a plan that will help them avoid or eliminate as many potential problems as possible.

Estate planning attorneys are optimistic about the future.

It might seem counter-intuitive that attorneys who spend their professional lives dealing with the realities of death can be optimistic, but it’s true. Once you understand the legal realities that surround aging and dying, and the options you have to minimize or avoid complications, it becomes easy to realize how much help you can provide by creating an estate plan.

A client with a comprehensive estate plan cannot only be sure that he or she will be adequately protected during old age, but will have peace of mind in knowing that family members are protected should the worst happen.

It only takes a single instance of seeing how much difficulty someone can experience when that person, or a close family member, doesn’t have an estate plan to realize how many practical benefits estate planning attorneys provide to our clients.

Estate planning attorneys allow you to grieve.

Like death, grief is a rarely spoken of in polite circles. It’s also one of the cornerstone human experiences that all of us will go through in our lives. We all process grief differently, and there’s no way to know how long the grieving process will take.

Yet what we do know is that grief is something that requires it’s own kind of strength. It’s something that takes energy, time, and reflection. When you’re grieving, the last thing you want to worry about is bills, legal problems, or the other issues that often accompany a family member’s death.

Estate planning attorneys help our clients through the grieving process by giving allowing them to experience it without having to worry about other problems.

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