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Is Your Estate Plan Up To Date?

Does Your Estate Plan Still Reflect Your Wishes?

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Some of us have more time now, and the situation with the virus is making us reflect on what’s important, like our family, staying healthy and what would things look like if we get sick or pass away.

We know that you’re more prepared than most, because you’re our client, and you’ve done your important planning. However, families have many changes. Family members grow up, marry, are born, and pass away. Some people grow more responsible, some less. The only thing for sure is that nothing stays static.

Because of changes, it may be time to dust off our plans and make sure they still fit. See who you named as your agents, and what you’ve left to whom. Check the dates on your documents, if you haven’t visited with us since 2018, then I recommend that you have me prepare a new POA. While your old POA still works, the updated POA with special powers is the only way that we can protect your home and money if you need Nursing Home Care. Otherwise, your estate is exposed to possible illness, and everything may be lost to end-of-life care.

Given the chaos the virus has caused, we’re offering complimentary conversations from the comfort of your home. It only requires that you pick up your phone and call us at (336)547-9999, or if you prefer you can schedule a zoom meeting by clicking this link https://cheryldavid.com/plan-from-home/

As far as payment, we’ll work with you. We know this is a tough time for everyone. But, making sure that your plan is up-to-date has never been more important. And, if you’re concerned about getting your documents signed, we’ve created a hands-free, drive-thru process to keep you safe.

We’re grateful to your trust in us in the past, and we look forward to talking to you in the near future.

Cheryl David

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