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Useful Elder-Care Gadgets

As baby boomers continue to reach retirement age at almost 10,000 per day, the generation that was the early adopters of portable music players, VCRs, and home computers has numerous technological gadgets available to them as they deal with the problems of old age. Though new gadgets are constantly coming onto the market, here are a few that can also provide comfort, security, and safety.

Adjustable Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses have been around for ages, but their main shortcoming is that they only allow you a limited range of focus. If, like many older adults, you need glasses for reading as well as for the distance viewing you have normally been limited to either different pairs of glasses or bifocals. Now, the PixelOptics emPower! glasses have electronic lenses that can adjust with a touch or automatically. Though they need to be recharged regularly, they look like ordinary glasses.

Home Monitoring

For elderly people who do not have in-home caregivers or who are not able to regularly be looked in on by family members or friends, there are several new solutions that allow for safe for home monitoring. Everything from remote pacemakers to motion sensors are available, as well as closed-circuit home-security cameras. Companies such as BeClose offer systems that can cost as low as $300, along with a $49 monthly monitoring service, and come with motion sensors and a panic button.

Smart Devices

As more and more people begin using smart phones and easily portable, high power computing devices, seniors are finding it easier to keep better track of their health and medical information. For example, home blood pressure monitors now offer such features as being able to store your regular blood pressure readings with your smartphone and then forward them to your healthcare provider or physician.

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