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COVID-19: What To Put In Your Bag For A Trip To the Hospital Where an Extended Stay is Expected

Based on recent calls from my clients and thoughts from a friend whose wife is in the hospital, I’ve composed a list of things you may want to put in a bag in your car, in case hospital admission is necessary.
COVID Hospital Bag Packing

  1. Documents and Paperwork in a folder or large envelope which has a closure.  Include legal documents like your HIPAA Authorization, your Health Care Power of Attorney, your Living Will, and your Durable Power of Attorney. You should also include a list of your medicines, phone numbers for immediate families and close friends, and codes which may be necessary for someone to use on your behalf.
    • Due to medication and exhaustion, my friend’s wife couldn’t remember her cell phone passcode, so when the nurse tried to place a call for her, in ICU, so that she could speak to her husband, she couldn’t unlock it.
  2. Medicines you take on a daily basis with the times of day you normally take them.
  3. Eyeglasses, Hearing Aids, etc.
  4. Cell Phone (with unlock code taped on it), Charger and Extension Cord
  5. Headphones, Ear Plugs, and Eye Mask
  6. Paper and Pens
  7. Night Gowns, Night Shirts, Robe, Non-Slip Socks, Cardigan, Your Pillow, and a Blanket
  8. Lip Balm, Moisturizer, Deodorant, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Comb and Brush
  9. Photos, small personal items, bible, book, magazines, Sudoku (whatever makes you happy)
  10. Notecards and/or Small Gifts to show your appreciation for the team and medical professionals who are helping you during this trying time.

Click here to download our full guide.

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