Incapacity Planning

Choosing an Agent Under Your Power of Attorney

One of the most important steps you have to take when creating a power of attorney is selecting the proper agent. The agent you choose will be responsible for performing the tasks you have identified in the power of attorney document. Because no two powers of attorney are identical and each will require different qualities in order for the agent to perform the job, you need to choose …  read more

Wife Brain Dead and Pregnant and Hospital Won’t Remove Life Support

A recent story out of Texas is drawing new attention to the significant differences between state laws that address advance directives and medical wishes made by pregnant women. Late last year, Dallas-Fort Worth area paramedic Eric Munoz discovered his wife, Marlise, unconscious on the floor of their home. His wife, who was pregnant at the time, remained unresponsive to his efforts to …  read more

Estate Planning When an Emergency Arises

The thought that an emergency could affect you and your family is never a pleasant idea to consider, but it is something responsible people need to be prepared for. When it comes to estate planning, an emergency situation can lead to many complications for you and your family. Though it is always best to have a complete estate plan in place before an emergency arises, there are steps you …  read more

What is a Durable Power of Attorney?

People creating an estate plan in the Greensboro, North Carolina area often include a durable power of attorney. But what is a durable power of attorney? What makes a durable power different from other types of powers of attorney, and what does a power of attorney actually do? Let us take a look at some commonly asked questions surrounding these important documents. What is a power of …  read more

The Three Big Mistake Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

In an ideal world, estate planning attorneys would only help clients get prepared. They would never have to help clients deal with problems that arise out of mistakes in their estate plans. But this isn’t an ideal world, and estate planning mistakes happen. To help you avoid these mistakes, here is a list of three that pose some of the greatest risk. Mistake 1. Making a plan on your …  read more

Estate Planning Before 40 in Greensboro, NC

The central idea behind estate planning is to prepare for the legal realities that follow after you die leaving behind property. Needless to say, the possibility of dying isn’t something most younger people really take seriously. Even older people are reluctant to think about these issues because they’re often difficult to deal with. Both the fact that estate planning can be tough to …  read more

Proceed Carefully With Powers of Attorney in North Carolina

The central idea behind the power of attorney in North Carolina is the ability to give someone else the right to make decisions on your behalf. Whether you are hiring a real estate agent to represent you in negotiations, empowering your attorney to manage some of your affairs for you, or giving an adult child the ability to make medical decisions for you should you fall too ill to make …  read more

Making Changes to Your Advance Directives in North Carolina

Taking the time to create advance directives as a part of a comprehensive estate plan is an essential step for any adult living in the Greensboro, North Carolina area. The process of creating advance directives in North Carolina is not too difficult, and it’s something that every capable adult can do at any time. As long as you know the kind of medical treatment you would want to receive …  read more

As You Age, You Need to Consider Incapacity Planning

One of the more common issues that elder law attorneys have to deal with is incapacity planning. Everyone knows that as we get older we lose our ability to do the things we were once able to do. Whether these declines result from specific medical conditions or from the aging process itself, incapacity planning deals with the possibility that you might one day experience a decline so …  read more

The Estate Planning Portfolio: Essential Documents

Anyone in Greensboro, North Carolina who is developing an estate plan will create several foundational documents. Even though the laws that govern these documents differ between states, and the individual documents you create, will be different than those other people create, the types of documents most people have are the same. There are a handful of documents that almost everyone will …  read more

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