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Free Report: North Carolina Estate Litigation

It's important to note that even though many people associate litigation with the idea of a trial, most estate litigation cases get resolved before a trial ever takes place. Understanding how the litigation process works and what your options are throughout it is something you can only do after speaking to an attorney. Estate litigation doesn't begin until someone files a lawsuit in …  read more

Basic Questions About Estate Planning – How do I Avoid Family Conflicts Over my Estate?

There are any number of widely published stories about family conflicts that arise after a celebrity has died and left behind an estate. A lot of people in the Greensboro, North Carolina area to come to us to craft an estate plan of their own precisely because they want to avoid this possibility. No one likes to think that their estate might cause family conflicts, so crafting an estate …  read more

Estate Litigation in North Carolina: More Questions, Advanced Concepts

Estate Litigation in North Carolina: More Questions, Advanced Concepts from Cheryl David Estate litigation begins when someone files an estate lawsuit in an appropriate North Carolina court. The basis for the lawsuit can cover anything from a dispute over the disposition of estate assets, to the right to make decisions for an incapacitated person, to a dispute over the actions or …  read more

Your Estate Plan Will Change as You Age – Part 2

Last week we looked at how the average North Carolina estate plan will change over time. This week we are going to continue our exploration of the common changes that take place with your plan as you age by looking at additional issues that arise as time goes on. If you're reading these posts and believe that you need to make some changes to your estate plan, it's important to schedule …  read more

Student Loans, College Students, and Estate Debts

When it comes to topics that college students are likely to know little about, estate planning is near the top of the list. The reality is that most young people have little incentive to consider what might happen in the event they become incapacitated or die. Nevertheless, with rising student debt amounts, and more and more students choosing to opt for private student loans, the issue …  read more

Basic Estate Planning Questions, Part 4. Not Having a Plan

In our third blog posts on basic estate planning ideas, we are going to take a step back and look at what happens to you and your estate if you don't create a plan. If you are an adult living in the Greensboro, North Carolina area, you are never under any legal obligation to create an estate plan, or any estate planning tools of any kind. In fact, if you never get around to creating an …  read more

Alzheimer’s Disease and Avoiding Estate Litigation

A lot of families in North Carolina have either personally been affected by Alzheimer’s disease, or know a family who has. As the population gets older and more people receive Alzheimer’s disease diagnoses, the condition is affecting the lives of millions of people. Because there is no treatment or cure for Alzheimer’s disease, knowing how the disease will affect your estate, and your …  read more

Marlise Munoz, Advance Directives, and Questions of Death

One of the reasons we’ve recently discussed the Marlise Munoz case, and others like it, is because it touches on one of the most difficult estate planning questions around; talking about death. Everyone knows that our lives are limited, but the subject is such a taboo topic that we rarely speak about it even amongst our closest friends and loved ones. The question of what happens to …  read more

3 Simple Ways to Avoid Common Estate Litigation Problems

Estate litigation is often the result of some easily avoided problems. When litigation arises, it can be costly, time-consuming, and can significantly damage family and interpersonal relationships. Avoiding litigation by creating an estate plan that looks ahead to possible conflicts is an essential part of creating a plan that will benefit you and your family. To that end, here are some …  read more

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