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Top 10 Estate Planning Techniques

Over half of all Americans do not have an estate plan in place, despite understanding the importance of having one. One of the most common reasons people give for putting off the creation of an estate plan is that the entire concept of estate planning is intimidating. Basically, they are unsure where to start because they are unfamiliar with the terms, strategies, and techniques used in …  read more

Understanding North Carolina Guardianship Law

Are you currently considering guardianship for a parent or other elderly loved one? If so, you are undoubtedly experiencing the emotional heartache that goes along with the realization that your loved one may need a guardian. Like most people in your position, you are likely experiencing feelings of guilt at the idea of taking away your parent’s freedom and independence; however, try to …  read more

April Is Autism Awareness Month!

Each year, the month of April is celebrated as Autism Awareness Month across the United States. According to the Autism Society, Autism Awareness month was started almost 25 years ago in an “effort to promote autism awareness, inclusion and self-determination for all, and assure that each person with ASD is provided the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life.” This …  read more

Basic Questions About Estate Planning – What Should I do if I Learn That I’m Dying?

Estate planning is all about preparing for death, so it's natural for people who learn that they are dying to reach out to an estate planning attorney for help. Many such people learn that they have a terminal or incurable disease, and need to make their final arrangements quickly. While creating an estate plan under these kinds of time pressures can be done, it's always best to plan as …  read more

Tax and Estate Planning for Parents with Minor Children

Creating a comprehensive and well thought out estate plan is something everyone should make a priority. If you are the parent of a minor child, however, the need to have an estate plan in place is heightened for several reasons, starting with the fact that your child is, of course, is your most valuable asset. Because your minor child cannot inherit directly from your estate, you must …  read more

Do I Need to Worry about North Carolina Estate Tax?

Creating a successful estate plan that accomplishes all of your various goals requires you to consider a number of complex, yet inter-related, factors. One of those factors is the impact taxes will have on your estate. In fact, failing to understand, and account for, the impact of taxes on your estate can cause an otherwise well thought out estate plan to fail miserably. You should …  read more

Do I Need a Lawyer to Create a Will?

Most people are aware of the need to have an estate plan in place. Despite this knowledge, about half of all Americans do not have one in place. If you are among them, but have recently decided it is time to do something about that, you have made a wise choice. For most people, estate planning begins with creating and executing a Last Will and Testament. If that is where you plan to …  read more

What Is an Advance Directive?

Most of us take for granted our ability to make decisions for ourselves. After all, over the course of a single day, you make hundreds of minor and major decisions relating to your own life if you stop and think about it. You are also accustomed to making healthcare-related decisions for yourself and you probably assume you will always be able to make those decisions. What happens, …  read more

Third Annual “Night to Shine” Gives Children with Special Needs a Night to Remember

For both a child with special needs and the parents of that child, the teenage years can sometimes be difficult, particularly if the child feels excluded from typical teenage activities. Thanks to former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and his foundation, thousands of teenagers with special needs across the world recently participated in their own incredible prom night known as the “Night to …  read more

What Happens During the Probate of a Will?

Most people, at some point in their life, become involved in the probate of a Last Will and Testament. If that time has come for you, and it is the first time you have been directly involved in the probate process, you are probably unsure of what to expect. What happens during the probate of a Will depends, to some extent, on what your role in the probate process is. While the basic …  read more

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