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3 Traits to Look for in an Estate Executor

If you are writing a will in Greensboro, North Carolina, you’ll have to select someone to serve as your estate executor. Also known as personal representative, the executor is responsible for managing the probate process and ensuring your wishes are followed. Here are three traits that every good executor should have.


The probate process in North Carolina can be lengthy and complicated. It involves specific duties that all executors have to perform and often do so within a specified time limit. A good executor is one who can operate under the constraints of these time limits and take action as required under the law.


Your executor will be responsible for inventorying all of your property and ensuring it is transferred to new owners properly. This will require the executor to be meticulous in his or her efforts, accounting for everything you left behind. Executors will also have to ensure that the proper government and private organizations are notified about your death, as well as keep track of all expenses he or she incurs during the estate settlement process.


Even the most experienced executor doesn’t know everything. Good executors know when to delegate authority, hire experts, and ask for help when they need it. Part of this process is hiring a good probate attorney as soon as possible so the executor can be sure that he or she is properly following all the applicable probate laws, rules, and procedural requirements.

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